Fashion Friday (Style Lately)


Dope: 5Chemistry; An absorbent or adsorbent material used in certain manufacturing processes, such as the nitroglycerin used in making dynamite.
Not the most common of definitions used for this word, but it was the one that struck a cord with me.
On the road to success we have to learn to be “dope.”  Personally, I’ve learned that being “glue” can allow you to carry around extra, unnecessary burdens and being “oil” will not allow you to benefit from the processes at hand.  In some cases being “oil” may cause us to go in circles until we learn the lesson intended for growth.  Evolve, absorb the good, eliminate the bad, learn through the process and work towards the ultimate goal. The process may not always seem as if it’s in our favor, but it’s necessary to help you shine brighter. Never settle for a process that doesn’t set you up to shine. 
Become dynamite. Be dope.




Photographer – Michael Flores
Dope Tee – Style Lately
Black Midi Skirt – Windsor Store
XL Travel Tote – Henri Bendel
Accessories- Shop Misses Boy
Stroller – JJ Cole

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