Wild Little Comfies


It’s very rare that you discover a brand that is concerned with the quality and comfort of your little one as much as you are.  From day one you strive to give them the best, the healthiest, the safest….but personally, I never stopped to consider the quality of the clothes I was putting on my son.  Yeah, I had my preference in brands when it came to dressing him up, but for comfort I would just let him roam in diapers.  Let’s face it, we’ve all spent money on “cute,” but in return have to deal with the uncomfortably tight fabric or the belly squeezing elastic waistbands.  Well, Wild Little Comfies has opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Not only do we get the comfort of the softest handmade clothing made with organic cotton and bamboo fabrics, but we also get style! Coastal street style, that is. This Friday they are releasing their highly anticipated ROMPERS and I want you to experience what I mean first hand. Use promo code WLCBOY and save 10% on your next purchase!  (They will go fast so don’t sleep on it.) Oh and Lucas took his first few steps in WLC, need I say more?! I promise you will not regret it. image image image image image image image image image




Details: Photography: Emma Cowart

Lucas is wearing: the Grey Feather Shorties & B/W Peaks Bibdana

Momma’s Makeup: Lynet Ramos

Mommy is wearing: LuLu’s, Missesboy Accessories and Flash Tattoos

**Don’t forget to use promo code WLCBOY to save on your next purchase at Wild Little Comfies!

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